Thursday, January 7, 2010

Showered with love

I am so lucky--I have been blessed with wonderful family and amazing friends that are willing to shower me with love on a daily basis. But, with the new addition of the bun/parasite/lovely little girl in the oven, they are also going above and beyond their usual showers of love and affection and showering me and the little lady with PRESENTS in a baby shower!!! Scratch that, make it two baby showers. And this is in addition to the lovely three-way tailgate shower that I was blessed with earlier this year. Though I hate/despise/would rather pull teeth than be in the center of attention, I am really looking forward to the showers. For the first, lovingly thrown by MIL, SIL, and the lovely Elise--I am really looking forward to seeing everyone, and the FOOD (especially a lovely, cookbook-cover worthy, wedding-esque style cake by the talented Irene, and cuisine by the lovely lady Fesslers (side note: apparently if you are a female with the last name of Fessler before 2006 you are exceptionally culinarily skilled; however, the became-a-Fessler-as-of-2006-or-after set of females--i.e., me--didn't get the magical skill with the change of name at the social security office . . . BUMMER!!)
Here the invite:

And, for the second shower, thrown by my confidantes, collegues, and partners in making the world a better place one dysfunctional family/couple/individual at a time, the lovely and newly engaged Ali, and the goregeous and worldly (even before her latest almost 4 month stint in ITALIA) Katie and I looking forward to just being in a room with friends, both new and old.

I am so, so, so blessed.

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