Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something blue . . .

        No, so this does not mean that we are having a BOY, though, Curtis would be so pumped if we were. No, I have now moved onto full on nesting mode, and since we don't know if we are having a boy or a girl yet, I have decided to improvise and come up with a plan for either.

    We painted our formerly brown master/guest bedroom a sweet, lovely light blue. I somewhere between robin's egg, tiffany, and baby blue and I absolutely love it. But, what I love even more that it my lovely DH (that's darling husband . . . I know what you were thinking. . . ) took a FOOTBALL SATURDAY morning to paint it. If you don't know Curtis, than this might not seem like such a big deal. If you do, you can now pick your jaw up off of the floor/chair/computer desk. Believe it. He did (though, not until I threatened, bribed and cried "When is the last time you have given me 8 hours of a day to do something I want. I go and tailgate with you EVERYWEEKEND!!"). I know, its cheap, but I blame the hormones. The un-preggo Emily would certainly never stoop so low.

  But, I digress. We painted it blue, so if we have a boy, it will be his nursery. And, if we have a girl, she will live in the green room. Thus, my new designing mantra, blue-for-boy, green-for-girl.

      We also went to the doctor yesterday and heard the strong and fast fetal heartbeat again. Our little baby fess seems to take after it's father, and tried to run away from the doctor, so we only heard a few seconds of heartbeat at a time. Did I mention, I love our doctor. When she asked how I was feeling, and I replied, "Awful!!" she gigled, and said, "Wow, that really sucks." 
             Normally, I think I would have been slightly hormonal and pissed, but she seemed to be coming from a I-know-what-you-mean sort of place, which just made me like her even more. We set an appointment for October 16th to find out the baby's gender. Though, it took about 10 minutes of semi-arguing  our somewhat sit-com-ish, bickering-old-married-but-still-young-in-age routine in front of the receptionist to find a time we could both make it. And when Curtis said yes to a time that I had to teach, I whined, "Why is your job more important than mine. . ." to which he replied, "It's not, I have have a longer way to travel"  and then I said, "Fine, I just wanted to hear you say that yours isn't more important" and agreed, while the beaming receptionist said, "I think you too just became my favorite couple. I am going to like working with ya'll." :).
      We are pumped. And, they are going to record it onto a DVD for us, so expect a video post that afternoon. And,  I  Curtis misplaced the cord that hooks our camera into our computer, so pictures of us will be coming after we I scour the house to find it. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

The beginning . . . sort of

Well, today is about week 16 of my pregnancy. And I have been meaning to start a chronicle of everything. So, here is a quick recap of the first trimester. (BTW, here is me, about 5 weeks pregnant with no idea at all on our 4th of July camping trip)

I found out I was pregnant on July 31st (my SIL's birthday). I
took Curtis to the park and told him, and he was really excited from the beginning.

I self diagnosed with all sorts of weird ailments before coming to the conclusion (after 5 or so pregnancy tests) that we were, in fact, pregnant. In the beginning, I was convinced that I had Celiac disease--I knew that there was something weird going on in my belly, so I checked my symptoms and that seemed to fit. Seems crazy now. Then, once I found out I was pregnant, I just knew I was having twins. My second trip to the OB (on my 25th birthday!!!) let me know, that indeed, I was wrong. One baby, healthy heartbeat. Thanks goodness. What a great gift. We started telling our friends that night.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I seem to have them all. First and foremost, I noticed my intense increase in my sense of smell. I can smell everything . I can tell if you have been in a room in the past hour or so, I know what you ate for lunch, everything. Its the weirdest thing ever. I could even smell tequila in a man's drink across the lawn at our tailgate this weekend. So strange!
Also, I have been really, really sick. You know how they talk about morning sickness. Well, I have all day and all night sickness. It--along witht the lack of sleep that comes with waking up 7 or 8 times a night to tinkle--makes me really cranky. Which brings me to my list of likes and dislikes:

Like: How Curtis smells, clean laundry, showers and baths, white bread toast with butter, icees, Jimmy Johns vegetarian sandwiches, oreos and milk (but only when eaten with a fork), lavender (which I normally dispise) and things that smell like cinnamon, Glade currants and acai candles (the best smell in the entire world right now).
Dislike: pretty much every food, especially raw vegetables, candy, pizza, hot pockets, chex cereal, cheese, fruit, Mexican food, Taco bell, people outing me on my pregnancy before I am ready to tell people, football, being around people that are drinking (because my biggest craving has been alcohol, though I haven't indulged!), riding in a car, taking out the trash (oh, the smell) and a variety of other things.

I don't have as much of a bump as I thought I would have by now. Since I have been really sick, I haven't been gaining much weight. But, it wasn't always like this. In week, ten I was certain that I was showing and everyone would be able to tell. I think all the rumors about pregnancy brain are true--even as I am writing all of this, I realize that I sound crazy.

Our next doctor's appointment is on Friday. I know that Curtis can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl, but I think its still a little too early to tell. More to come later when I figure out how to put up some more pictures.