Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It begins. . . the start of the belly pictures

So, imagine this. You find out you are pregnant . . . shock, awe, disbelief, panic, exuberant joy, paranoia, all day sickness. You know, the works. Then, you get sick at the smell of just about everything--food, people, standing water (the absolute worst in smell in the entire world). And lost lots of weight fast because you throw up. And then, you continue to throw up for 6 weeks after everyone said you would stop. And then you finally get your appetite back, and food tastes good. And then you feel the little Cleatus moving around inside of you (BTW, it feels very strange, sometimes like you are really hungry, sometimes like you are nervous or excited, sometimes like a little gerbil doing acrobatics in a bowl of jello, you know, the usual stuff). And then you start to eat. And eat. And eat. And that weight you lost is back, and then some. Enough to grow a giant Santa Belly. Except instead of sugar cookies and spice, its a little, tiny, fast growing fetus. If this was you, then your belly might look like this . . . 

More Belly

Here is me and Kelly (who is obviously not pregnant) at the park. Its kinda like a before and after, but at the same time.

6 month Belly!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ooh, We're half way there . . .

"Ooh-oh, we're livin' on a prayer" (Thanks Bon Jovi!)

So, I just calculated and I am exactly one day past half-way thru with my pregnancy. . And, I know I just posted, but I wanted to put up this really cute picture of one corner of the nursery. It's the little, frilly, hot pink tu-tu I bought for the little lady.

Getting a move on

Well, since I am finally starting to feel better on a pretty regular basis, things are really staring to change in the Fess household. In the past weeks we have 1) put in hardwood floors in both bedrooms, 2)gone to market to buy a ton of baby stuff, 3) decided on a color scheme (btw, its black, white, and lime, with hints of magenta) and grown a BABY BUMP! Now, people are really able to tell that I am expecting. I can wait for the perks (like no waiting in line for the bathroom, closer parking spaces, no dirty looks when I take the last cookie/piece of pizza/brownie/scoop of ice cream), though I haven't been pregnant-looking enough to get any yet.

1-Curtis and Aunt Sandy labored long hard hours to give me the most wonderful hardwood floors ever. They are bamboo, and the perfect honey-sand color and the look and smell wonderful. No more musty pet odors, no more vaccuuming, no more wiping up pet messes (ANNABELLE!!). Nope, now it is just wonderful, and slippery, and oh so nice. Here's an action shot.

2-At market, I got a stroller at Curtis's request. Its fancy-schmancy looking, and hopefully it will be as practical as it is sleek. Its from an eco-conscious company, which makes me :) called baby planet, and the stroller is a max pro.
 At market, I also found a wonderful retailer called 3 Marthas that I love. They have really cute and simple things for baby that are so sweet. I got a ton of cute and wipeable bibs, burp cloths and all things necessary for baby throw up (from 3 marthas) and a few too-cute-to-pass up dresses and onesies for the little lady.
    While at market I also got two diaper bags (a colorful one for me and a slightly-manlier-but-still-girly one for Curtis to carry) and I also found out that I love (though I can't afford) a few other baby brands like baby au lait (how funny is the name "hooter hiders" for a nursing cover) and the bedding brand CoCaLo.    ,

In fact, this brings me to point 3) (I have decided on a color scheme) because I found bedding. Its called Harlow and its from CoCaLo, and though its more expensive than any bedding I've ever bought for myself (Aghhh?!?!?!) I love it so much and I have to have it. If you know me at all, I think you would have to agree that this really suits what I hope my stylistic preferences come across as. Don't get me wrong, I dig some cute pink shit (just wait til you see the rockin' magenta tutu that I got for baby's first pictures) but I just can handle being surrounded by things that look like bubblegum. It will make me want to eat it, and that won't be good at all, will it. So, I have decided that the nursery needs to be a place of peace for me (after all, I'll be the only one in there in the middle of the night with a little parasite suckling off of my chest) and that a big part of that will be me liking how it looks. Now, I just need to find a chair.

And finally, I have started to grow a bump. Its not full blown or anything yet (I am only 5 1/2 months people) but its starting to get more prominent. Here's a slightly embarassing taken-by-me-with-my-camera-phone-in-the-bathroom shot, followed by a slightly more embarassing photo of me as a bama-er fan (sorry Amber!) for haloween.