Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home for the holidays

Well, some time has passed since I last posted--well over a month. But what a month it has been. I finished up teaching for the semester, finished my last round of coursework ever in my life, unless I decide to get a Ph D in something else (not likely), shopped for the holidays, celebrated with loved ones, and continued the process of growing a human. The nursery is coming more and more together everyday. We finally purchased a crib today, and I love it, though it is quite princessy--it even has princess in the name--but I have plans to dial down the bows and lace a little bit. I also finished caulking and painting the trim after replacing them during the re-flooring process, I finished one of the family potraits (Annabelle's), put up some wall decor, bought a rug and a chandlier, received a rocker/glider and ottoman as a super awesome Christmas present from the in-laws, found some drapes and DIYed them to match with the decor, Curtis has developed an obsession with all things little girl in the Ralph Lauren line, which I could see as a problem in the future if our little one begins to accumulate a wardrobe rivaling the size of her fathers, but right now, even with a full dresser with a giant tupperware bin full of other clothes, she still isn't even coming close.
Pictures to come later, but i am writing this from my ole, relilable macbook pro, which doesn't seem to jive well with blogger, so they will come later.

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